A Good Kitchen Faucet Is Essential In Our Sink

Yes, always a good kitchen faucet is essential in our sink. Make sure you choose a wheelbase size that fits one of the two standard water connection sizes, 9-13cm or 13-17cm.

The packages include adapters to facilitate installation.

Type of opening of the kitchen taps

The way of operation affects the comfort and convenience during daily use. Choose the type of opening that best suits your needs.
The kitchen taps can be:

  • Single lever: Also known as a mixer, it has a single handle, side or top, to open, close and adjust the temperature and the quantity of water dispensed.
  • Dual control: It is the classic faucet with two distinct knobs to regulate cold and hot water.
  • Mono water: It has a single knob to open and close the water but allows you to manage only one temperature. It is suitable for service sinks.

With clinical lever

Allows you to operate the mixer with the elbow only. It is also suitable for people with walking difficulties and the disabled.
In addition, some taps can be arranged with:

  • infrared: an integrated sensor that activates the water jet by bringing the hands together.
  • diverter: to turn the water flow in favor of the washing machine or dishwasher in the event of a single shared connection.

Energy and water-saving

Water is a precious resource and should not be wasted.

To respect the environment and save on your bills, opt for a tap that consumes less hot water. Some simple tricks allow you to avoid waste.

Some features to take into account:

  • Central cold water opening system- The opening lever in the central position always opens the cold water before adjusting the temperature.
  • Water-saving system- A jet breaker that mixes air and water reduces consumption by up to 45%.
  • Double opening position- Allows up to 50% water savings.

Water, the blue gold of today and above all of the future, can be saved in many ways. Among the golden rules: never let the taps run empty.

The water flow of a tap

By flow we mean the quantity of water that passes through a pipe in the unit of time. It is measured in liters per minute (L / min).
According to your use, choose the ideal flow rate of the tap:

  • 4-9 L / min: ideal for cleaning vegetables gently and obtaining maximum water savings. Fills a 4 L pot in 1 minute.
  • 9-12 L / min: the good compromise between efficiency and water saving. Fills a 4 L pot in 30 seconds.
  • 12-16 L / min: useful for rinsing dishes and filling your sink in 1 minute. Fills a 4 L pot in 15 seconds.
  • More than 16 L / min: perfect for quickly filling even the bucket and watering can. Fills a 4 L pot in less than 15 seconds.

Color and finish of the kitchen faucet

A faucet is also a decorative element that you can coordinate with the kitchen décor.

Once you have identified the right faucet for the type of installation for your kitchen and for everyday needs, find the finish that fits and coordinates with the style and color of the sink, oven, refrigerator, hood and handles surfaces:

  • for a more contemporary style, choose stainless steel and satin chrome finishes.
  • for a more classic and traditional style, go for brass, gold, copper and bronze finishes. To coordinate with a stone sink, you can opt for finishes that reflect its material aspects, such as a granite effect or other natural tones.
  • They adapt to different styles of the latest trends of ‘ steel painted in different colors like taupe, white, black, charcoal, gunmetal, with a matte or satin finish.
  • That’s it.

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