Faucet Comes In A Single Handle

The type of tap can also be important and therefore our advice is to focus on models that have devices that help increase practicality, water and energy savings.

The flow limiter, for example, allows you to keep the intensity of the water jet controlled as needed.

The thermostatic mixer, on the other hand, allows you to set the water temperature and keep it constant. So as not to have excessive changes and not to waste energy.

Of course, the price will be higher. The most technologically advanced models have a filter inside that retains limescale and any impurities.

So as to ensure less hard and more pleasant water, even to drink.

Grohe Feel Faucet single handle 32670000 

Does your kitchen need that extra touch that makes a difference? The contemporary style of this mixer with StarLight chrome plating, patented by Grohe.

Resists the wear resulting from intense daily use and continuous contact with water or other corrosive agents.

As pleasing to the eye as in its use, this regulator adopts an easy-to-adjust drive system with soft and measured movements.

The risk of sudden jets is averted by the flow limiter.

The single-lever mixer is easy to install and adapts to any type of sink, as long as you take into account the available height, which is quite important for this model.

The swivel spout can serve two adjacent tanks, it is sold with the relative hoses for connection to hot and cold water pipes.


  • Brilliant: Grohe StarLight technology ensures that the mixer remains shiny and bright for a long time, with very little impact over the years. Considering the beautiful design, elegant and essential, it will give an extra touch of class to your kitchen.
  • Adjustable: The adjustment of the jet can be carried out by means of the flow limiter. In addition, the Grohe SilkMove technology makes the mixer operate in a “soft” and precise way, without sudden changes in power.
  • Double basin: The rotation reaches 180 degrees, so it is able to perfectly serve a sink with two bowls.
  • Ready to install: Everything necessary to proceed with the installation is provided.


  • Made in: Despite the German brand, the product appears to be produced in Portugal. If you hate relocations, you will turn up your nose a little.

Quality first of all

In the ranking of the aspects to consider before purchasing. The quality of the mixer is at the top, declined both in the type of materials used and in the integrated technologies.

The more refined models, for example, have silicone inserts that reduce the formation of limescale and ensure perfect water flow.

Or gaskets that prevent dripping, even after long periods of use.

When choosing the finishes, as well as the shape, take into account the material of the sink and the style of the kitchen.

Chromed or satin stainless steel is suitable for practically any type of environment, while brass is very popular in more traditional kitchens.

The swivel models, regardless of style and materials, are especially recommended.

If you have a double bowl sink: you can thus use it indifferently in one or the other.

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