How To Cook Steak On Cast Iron?

There are few dishes as iconic as a big cast-iron beef feast. Steak is the ideal way of celebrating or indulging when served with mashed potato, grilled asparagus, and a wedges salad.

While you still can always go back to the best restaurant in town, making medium rare steak is a lot easier and more enjoyable. But how to cook steak on cast iron?

It can be daunting when you’ve never grilled steaks before. This is why we brought together this straightforward instruction to prepare beef in a cast-iron pan.

You can prepare it on any day because the dish is so simple. Only three ingredients are required: kosher salt, a clean steak, and a cast-iron saucepan.

Before you continue reading, we suggest you purchase the cast iron skillet.

Steak On Cast Iron

The recipe for the steak on cast iron is quite simple. Here is a complete and detailed steak on the cast iron:

Step No. 1. Preparation of the Steak

Remove the packing of the meat and blot it dry using hand towels. Place the meat on a platter lined with paper towels and put it aside to rest and cool to room temperature.

You can cool them for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, you should replace the hand towels as necessary and turn them in once in a while.

Step No. 2. Heating the Pan

Heat a heavy pan, ideally cast-iron, on the heat and season with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon salt, gently but equally. Under the pan, increase the heat to high. Re-dry all sides of the steak.

Step No. 3. Pat the Steaks Dry Now

After 5 – 10 minutes, when the pan is blazing hot, pat the steaks thoroughly again for drying it. Then, you can set it in the pan. We recommend you pat the two steaks but cook them in two batches.

Step No. 4. Cooking the Steak on the Cast Iron Skillet

After 1 minute of sizzling, turn the steak with tongs, pushing the uncooked side of the steak around the skillet so all sides are seasoned.

To achieve an even touch between the meat and the pan, softly press it down. Continue to cook the steak over high temperature, turning it every 30 seconds. Add in two pinches of salt after it has been flipped a few rounds. If you’re using peppers, do so now.

Step No. 5. Evaluation of the Doneness of the Steak

You should check for the complete cooking of the steak. It is quite simple to check the doneness of the steak. The steak is going to shrink into the size. Then, the surface skin of the steak will shrink into the crust. It will take only 4 minutes for the steak to get completed.

Meat should be softly bouncy but not spongy to the touch.  We also recommend you to use the instant-read thermometer in the steak if you are utilizing one of them. The 120 to 125 degrees is ideal for medium-rare meat. After removing the steak from the fire, it will continue to cook.

This is how you can absolutely check the doneness of the steak.

Step No. 6. Transferring the Steak on the Board

Transfer the steak to a chopping board and cover with foil. Allow 5 minutes for resting.

Step No. 7. Cutting the Meat Diagonally

Cut the meat diagonally, away from the skin, and also with the upper portion of the knife tilting towards your shoulder, and serve in chunks. When preparing a skirt or hanging steak, be sure to cut the meat against the grain.

Cook Steak In Cast Iron

Cook Steak In Cast Iron

You should make sure to cook the 2cm steak for this recipe. In order to cook the steak perfectly, you should only cook the steak for two to three minutes. If you would like to cook the medium-rare steak, we recommend you to cook it for 4 minutes. However, you should cook it for 5 to 6 minutes for doing it well.

The steak should only be turned once or it will burn out. When handling steak, always use tools such as tongs since they won’t penetrate the meat and let the juices leave.

Push the middle of the steaks with the bottom of the fingers to see whether it’s cooked. If the steak is rare, it will stay soft, the middle will feel mildly harder and springier, and well-done will seem extremely solid.

Place the steak on a platter, wrap in foil, and leave aside to rack for 3-five min. The juices will subside and the muscular fibers will relax, resulting in a soft steak.

Steak In Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron saute pans are a common choice for frying since they season slowly with use, could be used on the stove and even in the ovens, and are simple to manage and sanitize. A cast-iron pan is perfect for cooking steaks since it helps to create a delicious and crunchy crust. You may also finish your steaks in the ovens with cast iron frying pans.

Cast-iron pans are perfect for cooking steaks since they heat uniformly and keep the temperature hot very well. A preheated cast-iron pan produces the strong heat required to brown a steak’s surface to a crisp, delicious gold-brown while simultaneously perfectly cooking the center.

Cast Iron Skillet Steak

Cast Iron Skillet Steak

As cast iron retains heat well, it is the best cookware for attaining the ideal sear. Carbon steel, cast iron’s relative, is fully able to produce similar effects.

You won’t have to prepare the skillet as long because carbon fiber warms and cools quicker than carbon steel.


The cast-iron skillet is the perfect utensil for cooking the steaks. Besides preheating the skillets, you should also cook the meat in the given amount of time.

Otherwise, you will overcook the steak. If you are wondering how to cook steak on cast iron, you should read our guidelines above. It will give you a piece of decent information about the cast iron steak recipe.

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