Make Sure You Choose The Rug

The kitchen is the most frequented space that any type of home has since it is the space where we spend most of the time.

When we stay at home, it is for this reason that it must be the space with the highest maintenance in terms of its part structural.

That is why this article is developed in everything you need to know about kitchen rugs because if this small or large piece depending on the size you want.

It is one of the best options you can choose to give it an attractive touch or personal to your home kitchen.

It is undeniable, a beautiful rug can make all the difference in the decoration of your kitchen.

Valuing a room that has gained more and more attention and where many family gatherings take place around large meals.

We need to make sure you choose the rug

However, before choosing the ideal model, it is necessary to observe some purchase criteria to make sure that you are buying a product that offers the best possible cost/benefit.


As these rugs are designed for the kitchen, they are subject to stains and slippery floors.

Therefore, manufacturers opt for more resistant materials, which are easy to wash and have based with non-slip textures to prevent accidents.

Currently, the vast majority of kitchen rugs are made of synthetic materials, such as polyamide, polyurethane and polypropylene, which are resistant and quite durable.

However, it is still possible to find models made in a multitude of materials, such as sisal, wood, bamboo mats and even crochet. The ideal is to choose a material that is practical, safe and that matches your kitchen.


In addition to the material, another very important factor is the size.

While a very small rug may not be practical, a very large rug can make the cleaning process more difficult when you need to sweep or wipe the floor.

Before making the purchase, measure the space where you want to place the rug and check the product specifications.

The main measures are width, length and thickness. In the case of circular rugs, check the total diameter of the piece.


Many would say that the print is a decisive factor during the process of choosing a good kitchen rug.

After all, they will help to compose the rest of the decoration and give a highlight to the floor, which is usually neglected.

The options here are almost endless. You can find prints with animals, household items, abstract shapes and the more traditional ones, with geometric shapes.

There are no rules here, just follow your personality and choose a rug that fits well with the rest of your room’s decor.


Finally, we have the finish, which helps to give a special charm to the kitchen rug.

They not only help to make the piece more beautiful but protect the sides and serve as a form of the frame to prevent wear or loss of threads.

The more traditional ones use an overlock finish, but it is also possible to find lace patterns and even crochet frames.

Here you only need to pay attention to choosing safe models, where there is no risk of you slipping or attaching your shoe.

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