How To Cook Steak On Cast Iron?

How To Cook Steak On Cast Iron

There are few dishes as iconic as a big cast-iron beef feast. Steak is the ideal way of celebrating or indulging when served with mashed potato, grilled asparagus, and a wedges salad. While you still can always go back to the best restaurant in town, making medium rare steak is a lot easier and more … Read more

Can You Use A Ninja Blender As A Food Processor?

Can You Use A Ninja Blender As A Food Processor

With several must-have gadgets on the marketplace, today lauded air skillets to powerhouse stand mixers—possible it’s that your home has become more of a storeroom than a place to cook. While it may even be easier than it sounds to simplify the fleets of equipment, kitchenware, and devices, buying gadgets that serve several functions is … Read more

How To Add Textures In Blender?

How To Add Textures In Blender

There are many people who have no idea about the term “texture” in the digital world. It basically means the outlook of the surface of an object. In the blender, every word has a specific meaning. You should not use the words interchangeably in the Blender. You should carefully use the word texture. You can … Read more

Can You Put Ice In A Blender?

Can You Put Ice In A Blender

There are so many things that you cook in your kitchen. From soups, smoothies to sauces, you can blend different ingredients. When the blades of the blender turn dull, it becomes highly difficult for us to make a one-minute recipe in the kitchen. The secret to the maintenance of the blender is that you should … Read more

What Knives Do Chefs Use?

What Knives Do Chefs Use

Professional chefs make different types of food on an everyday basis. They undertake the preparation of meals daily. They must somehow consume vast quantities of materials every day. However, they should also prepare the food items with great accuracy. A decent knife set is vital for reducing effort while maintaining high quality. There are now … Read more

How To Leather Wrap A Handle

How To Leather Wrap A Handle

Knife handles are difficult equipment to hold. One slip can cause great damage to the person. Wrapping the handles adds another point of support and stability to the situation. The handle should be the right size for the frame and arm span. It should have a padded grip that absorbs perspiration or humidity. The padding … Read more

How To Measure 1/3 Cup?

How To Measure 13 Cup

A measurement cup set is an essential cooking tool, and it is generally recommended that you’ve used it for many different recipes you attempt. Before beginning the instructions, weigh all ingredients using metric-type measuring cups and spoons. Then, you can set them in the sequence of usage (usually the sequence of ingredients stated in the … Read more

When Must A Knife Be Cleaned And Sanitized

When Must A Knife Be Cleaned And Sanitized

Maintaining your knives regularly is a crucial element of care. Every tool needs it for optimal performance. Knives are among the most vital kitchen tools. A good knife is costly. It requires correct care, cleaning, greasing, and storing to last for years. Nothing is more frustrating than cutting vegetables and preparing dinner with a blunt … Read more

Is It Worth Reglazing Your Kitchen Sink

Is It Worth Reglazing Your Kitchen Sink

So, your kitchen sink is made of porcelain. The kitchen sink has witnessed better times. It’s a little chipped, filthy, and battered. It’s possible to renew the broken or chipped porcelain sink. If you are wondering is it worth reglazing your kitchen sink, let us answer this question hereunder. However, before you do that, you … Read more