What Brands of Faucets Do Plumbers Recommend?

When it comes to change the kitchen faucet it is very difficult to pick up the right one. Because there is much product in the market.

Some brands sell products at very cheap prices but they do not maintain quality. Others are known for their quality and reliable products that last year after year.

If you go to a store, they recommend a priceless product that makes money in the store. They have no idea about the best brands of kitchen faucets.

So we advise you when you buy a faucet for your DIY project first consult with your known plumber. Hope the plumber help you to choose the best faucet brands.

Brands of Faucets Do Plumbers Recommend

Brands of Faucets Do Plumbers Recommend-min

Delta Faucet & Fixtures

Delta is an award-winning call and they provide you the best quality and stylish kitchen faucet. They are durable, smart technology, and come with a great wide range finish.

Even they include touchless models to keep your sink faucet hygienic. These are the great brands of faucets the plumbers recommend you.

American Standard Kitchen Fixtures

American Standard is one of the oldest, largest, and renowned kitchen accessory companies. They have been making accessories since 1875.

These smooth, flowing faucets have a pull-down spray head that helps with dishwashing, pot filling, and more.

American Standard kitchen faucets give you year-round comfort and functionality.


Kohler produces some world-class products. Their cutting-edge design, perfect functionality, durability, and style have made them a fable by caring them in line with the kitchen.

They even provide design services so you can make your reshape dreams come alive.


Moen has earned a reputation for its renowned high-quality product. Its brass technology and water save system and beautiful finishes are created to last a lifetime.

A smooth, attractive Moen faucet should last for years without leaking or breaking.

GROHE Plumbing Products

Grohe is now a German principal plumbing brand. All plants in the GROHE industrial network regularly use high accuracy manufacturing to obey high GROHE standards.

GROHE thus ensures that its products comply with the most uncompromising demands in terms of technology and performance.


Which is the better one or two-handle faucets?

Which is the better one or two-handle faucets-min

Well, the two-handle faucets certainly provide better control to adjust the water temperature. Another advantage is that after the leak, you can simply close the valve of the leaking handle while you have access to use water from another work handle.

How much does a plumber charge to change a faucet?

In your area, expect to pay at least $150. In other parts of the country, the price can range from $114 to $189.

If an old faucet is removed before installing a new one at your job, expect to pay $225 to $275 or more, depending on whether your plumber needs to adjust the waterline.

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